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Little known ways to apply chatbot in healthcare

The year 2018 saw increased adoption of chatbots by businesses.

Many brands introduced chatbots to engage with their customers, to solve their queries, to upsell, to cross-sell and to provide valuable information.

Use of Facebook Messenger platform to deploy chatbots is increasing too.

Do you know why?

1.2 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month! That’s a huge number correct?

If you use Facebook Messenger bot you need not ask people to download anything new on their mobile phones (remember mobile screen is the new real estate!), just tap the correct segment of people for your business/brand, engage them creatively and see your engagement zoom!

Moreover, if your chatbot is developed perfectly keeping the end user in mind, your subscribers get a feel of chatting with a real person and not with a bot!

The open rate with Facebook Messenger bot is around 90% and click-through rate in 56%, that’s simply awesome correct?

Chatbots are changing the way brands and businesses communicate with consumers!


Chatbots in Healthcare

Healthcare industry is also not too far behind in this wave of chatbots.

Following are a few ways in which chatbots can be used in the healthcare industry.


Content sharing

Patients need a trusted source of information especially when it comes to healthcare. Fake and misinformation can be harmful to the general population. Chatbots if deployed by a reputed medical institution can be an excellent medium for authentic information sharing.

Apart from being authentic, information should be interesting to read. Many people find reading long content pieces boring especially if those are not of any interest to the reader.

And this is where chatbots can come in handy!

Chatbots can send information in different formats like video, audio, images apart from the text. The way in which information is shared impacts hugely on the consumption of the information. Images and videos generally do better than plain text, in chatbot messaging even plain text can be attractive if composed correctly, short crisp sentences with the usage of emojis attract a lot of attention.

Segmentation and targeting the subscribers of your bot is also an excellent feature which can be used to share most relevant information with most relevant readers. Subscribers of the bot can be segmented based on their topic of interest, geography, gender, lead score, etc

One can also conduct survey and quiz through chatbots! You can also send attachments through chat bots!!! Isn’t that cool!

Along with patients doctors too need authentic relevant information, a good case study is always appreciated by doctors. This case study when given in printed format has certain limitations like, you can’t show videos, images can’t be enlarged, pretty difficult to conduct a quiz and collect all paper-based responses; well using a chatbot you can share video cases, doctors can enlarge images if they want to go into details of the image and yes you can run a quiz!

Apart from patients and doctors, Facebook messenger bot can also be used to upgrade, train paramedics and other caregivers. Complex concepts can be taught in a fun way using chatbot.


Conduct webinar

Is your webinar attendance declining?

Seems people are no more interested in webinars? Not true!

The webinar is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience but these days we get so many invitations to connect to webinars that we don’t even bother to open those.

Here comes messenger bot.

Messenger bots let your subscribers register for the webinar with a simple click, and you can put them in sequence and re-target them as well.

The intuitive one on one communication with the subscribers does the trick and get you more attendees.

Imagine a doctor spreading healthcare awareness message to a huge number of listeners or a training caregiver, the widespread impact can be achieved with chatbots.


Incorporate risk score calculators

Risk scores are a very good tool for healthcare practitioners, chatbots have the power to estimate risk as per data fed, and the same data can be maintained in an excel sheet (without disclosing the identity of the patient) and can be accessed at any time for more in-depth analysis.

Messenger bots can help in spreading awareness and correct information in the field of healthcare.

How are you going to apply those???